The show

We are unique group of young drummers consisting of professional players and conservatory students from south bohemia. You will have the opportunity to experience the unique unforgettable drum show who would charges you with positive energy!
Drum show “Wild Sticks” is an exceptional and audience favorite live performances. Through a separate concert we will introduce you well-know songs as same as our songs, both in unconventional and original in conception!

At our shows you can look forward to a modified songs like Billie Jean by Michael Jackson and Jamiroquai by Runaway, but also our original Bin show, kitchen show, barrel and bucket show and much more!
Wondering what new, intriguing and unusual way to spice up your company party, prom, city festival, music festival or other cultural event?
We are offering professional and original drum show, which content and form can be arranged and customize by your storytelling and ideas. Euphoria, happiness, joy, love, surprise, these are all emotions that you will experience together with us during our show.

We will gladly pass our energy everywhere and we will play a unique musical show in Europe!

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