Educational concerts

Educational concert “Wild Sticks” is designed for children and youths of all ages,
acquaint young people with percussion instruments and their use in different musical styles such as:
classical music
Pop music
jazz music
Latin-American music
Rock Music
and others
This educational programs represent the diverse world of percussion instruments, familiarize youth with the tools with which they usually do not encounter:

Latin American drums
The program includes a part where selected students can try their sense of rhythm on various percussion instruments with professional supervision and then play with the drum squad Wild Sticks. Drum group is composed of  Conservatory students from Czech Budweis.
A special feature is the  bass player.
During the last three years we have played more than 200 educational concerts throughout the Czech Republic. Programs for 45-minute periods are designed with respect to the psycho-intellectual aspects and specificities of individual age groups. Performances take the form of direct dialogue between performers and children’s audience.